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The DELEX group of Company was founded in 1975, It is basically a technical resource pool, It has been working very closely with printing and packaging industries for the last 38 years, It has very humble origins and has grown in the industry from grass root level, The group started with hand cut stereos for the HDPE/PP industries, Today the DELEX group boasts of diverse and yet focused activities ranging from production of stereos and Processing of Flexo Photo Polymer Plates right up to marketing, printing, packaging materials and Flexo Plate Processing machinery, The DELEX influence has spread and is recognized by the HDPE/PP Woven Sack, Corrugated box, Paper sack and Poly Bag Industries. The main strength of our company lies in it's knowledge of the industry, the connections and influence developed in its 38 years of business covers the entire country in general especially in the Printing and Packaging industries.

More About Flexo Plates 

Flexo Photo Polymer Plate with the strength and durability to last longer and perform better than any Flexo Photo polymer plate, is Designed to meet the requirements of a full range Flexo Printing and Packaging Industries through-out the country. Delex brings intricacy, exposure latitude and printing confidence to a whole new level. With superior ink transfer and imaging capabilities, it delivers a degree of quality that rivals offset and maximizes value in high volume print jobs in Flexo Industries. It runs much cleaner, which means operators don't have to stop the press as often to clean plates, thus extending the life of the plate and significantly reducing running times, A Process that adds value across the board and an array of technical services and product application that is second to none, The quality Performance, Efficiency & Endurance you get only from Delex Stereo Pvt. Ltd.

Service & Support that Leverage of Delex Benefits.

To assure that you get the maximum quality, value and convenience of Flexo Photo Polymer plates, Delex has the resources to provide full service and support to customers' satisfaction in the industry. Flexo Photo Polymer Plates of unbeatable quality, perfection and consistency in printing, with latest Technology & Imported Machinery is brought to you by Delex.

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